HR System

Legal support
  • Four major insurance (national pension, health, industrial accident, employment)
  • Retirement pension system
  • Annual leave system
  • Parental leave
  • Leave before and after childbirth
  • Family care vacation & leave
Working system
  • Time commute
  • Telecommuting system
  • Flexible working system
  • Autonomous dress work
  • Considered work system
  • Compensation leave system
Competency development
  • Online training center
  • Participation in external job training & seminars
  • In-house instructor support system
  • Book purchase cost support
Refresh system
  • Summer vacation
  • Reward for excellent employees
    (vacation and rewards)
  • Long-term service reward
    (3,5,10,15,20 years vacation and rewards)
Welfare system
  • Health checkup support system
  • Group accident insurance
  • Employee congratulation support
  • Holiday gifts
  • Lunch support
  • Communication expence support
  • Parking and parking fee support
  • Dormitory support
  • Vehicle operation subsidy
Communication system
  • Organizational Culture Innovation Committee
  • Mentoring system
  • Support for dinner expenses
  • Workshop by department
  • Athletic Competition
  • Early and year-end events
  • Labor-Management Council
  • In-house club support
Dream Corp. establishes the principle of personnel management of employees to ensure fair personnel affairs, and operates a rank system based on roles and responsibilities.
  • Professional
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Principal
  • Manager
  • Principal
※ Special promotions are possible regardless of the standard length of stay if the ability and performance are excellent.
Dream Corp. evaluates performance over a certain period of time for the purpose of healthy growth for both the organization and individuals, and provides transparent feedback and fair compensation for the results.

Evaluation System

  • 01
    Organizational performance evaluation

    Evaluation of the process/result of achieving the target task

  • 02
    Personal performance evaluation

    Evaluation of the process/ results of job performance

  • 03
    competency evaluation

    Evaluation of various actions exerted in the process of performing work


    Differential compensation according to evaluation


    Early recruitment promotion when performing the role of a higher rank


    Department placement according to job suitability


    Continuous development of shortcomings

Compensation System

  • Base salary

    Reflecting experience and cumulative performance

  • Performance salary

    Differential annual salary according to competency evaluation and performance evaluation

  • Legal allowance

    Payment when overtime, night or holiday work occurs

  • Various allowances

    Various allowances for job duties, such as performance of positions and business trips at home and abroad

  • Achievement Incentive

    Differential payment according to the evaluation of organizational and individual goals

  • Challenge-Incentive

    Payment according to the effect of new ideas and efficiency challenge

  • Idea Proposal Incentive

    Payment according to discovery and proposal of new business