Advanced Material

Advanced Material
We provide specialized solutions for electric/electronic/ plastic (film) fields.

The demand for eco-friendly products and high-functional materials is accelerating to respond to climate change and protect a sustainable environment. Dream Corp. provides various raw materials required for high-functional films from biodegradable materials to global customers.

Adhesion Coating

Providing total solution of adhesion/coating/lubrication/assembly process.
Representative product
Super X 8008 Series
Quick drying, Heat dissipation/Conduction
Type 2 acrylic
Beyond the traditional concept of bonding/coating/lubrication, we are providing the best solution through products that have specialized characteristics in the recent trends of waterproofing, conductive, heat dissipation, and flame retardant.
Application case
  • Smart Phone
  • Secondary
  • Automotive
Product range
  • Adhesive

    General adhesive

  • Coatings

    Conformal coating, potting, sealing, fluorine coating

  • Lubricating grease

    High-performance synthetic lubricant, dry film lubricant, thermal grease

Chemical Materials

Chemical material solutions from raw materials to next-generation biodegradable polymers.
Representative product
Calcium carbonate(GCC, PCC )
Biodegradable polymer(PLA, PBAT, PBS)
In the production of raw materials (calcium carbonate, TiO2) and plastics (Film) in the plastics industry, we supply a purging agent necessary for injection/extrusion and manufacturing of finished products. We also supply biodegradable polymers, which are drawing attention as an eco-friendly trend in recent years.
Application case
  • Oversuit
  • Diaper
  • Sanitary pad
  • food container
  • Plastic
Product range
  • Functional film material

    Ground calcium carbonate(GCC), Precipitated Calcium Carbonate(PCC)

  • Bio-degradable plastic


  • Functional material

    iO2 (Anatase, Rutile), Purging agent (Alleskalar, Super Clean)

Electronic Parts

Provides differentiated solutions form MEMS Gyro Sensor to Foundry service in the field of autonomous driving/robots/unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones).
Representative product
MEMS Gyro Sensor
MEMS Foundry
Silicon Sensing develops and manufactures affordable MEMS gyros, acceleration sensors, and inertial systems (IMUs) with high accuracy and high reliability, and has provided more than 30 million inertial sensors. The new MEMS gyro has improved its performance even further, reaching a level comparable to that of a fiber optic gyro (FOG).
Application case
  • Automatic
  • Robot
  • Unmanned aerial
  • Drone
  • Excavator
Product range
  • Gyro Sensor

    MEMS Gyro Sensor, Accelerometer, IMU, DMU

  • MEMS Foundry

    PZT film formation,
    Depp-RIE processing