Core Unit

Core Unit
Meet the tomorrow of Dream Corp. pursuing new values ​​and markets.

Dream Corp. is used in the manufacturing process of all industries such as smartphones, displays, and automotive electronics. We have been supplying critically required units. High-quality, high-performance products that are required and mounted on an integrated manufacturing line such as raw and subsidiary materials, plasma for pretreatment, dispenser for bonding, curing machine for post-treatment, industrial robot/cooperative robot/delta robot used for post-war logistics, and analyzer for quality inspection. We will continue to work hard in the future to provide.

Liquid Solution

Providing the optimal solution of liquid precision control technology according to process refinement
Representative product
Full-function digital pneumatic dispenser
PC-controlled image recognition desktop dispensing robot
Due to the miniaturization, high performance, and multifunctionalization of various products, the production process needs a solution that can control liquid more precisely. Dream Corp. aims to secure coating quality with precision liquid control
Application case
  • CCM
    (Compact Camera
  • Display
  • Bettery
  • Semiconductor
  • Secondary
    cell battery
Product range
  • Dispenser

    IM350PC SMART SMΩX , Super ∑ CM Series , ML-808GX

  • Curing Solution

    S-R0014 , H-1VH , EXECURE H-1VCII

  • Plasma

    Penjet , Penjet Wide

  • Mixing Solution

    AW-M310 , AW-MV310

Robotics Solution

Realization of Smart Factory, Dream Corp. will take the lead.
Representative product
6-axis Robot
Due to the paradigm shift in the manufacturing industry, the use of robots from various assemblies to logistics is explosively increasing. Dream Corp. provides robot solutions optimized for various environments such as high-speed and high-precision industrial robots, collaborative robots capable of working with humans, and delta robots for high-speed packaging.
Application case
  • FPCB
  • Conveyer
  • Palletizing
  • Insertion
  • Incasing
  • Inspection
Product range
  • Industrial robot

    EPSON/Hyundai Robot

  • Cooperation robot

    TM Robot

  • Delta robot


Analytical Solution

We provide a total solution of particle analysis, shape analysis, and component analysis.
Representative product
Particle analyzers SYNC
The demand for state-of-the-art analyzers is steadily increasing to improve product quality in all industries such as electronic materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. Dream Corp. provides various advanced analysis solutions such as particle property analyzers, component analyzers, and droplet analyzers.
Application case
  • Electronic
  • Chemicals
    /Inks /Paint raw
  • Various
Product range
  • Particle analyzer

    Razor particle size analyzers Nano particle size analyzers

  • Shape analyzer

    Particle shape analyzer

  • Surface analyzer

    Desk type scanning
    electron microscope(SEM)