CEO Greeting

Thank you for visiting Dream Corporation.

Dream Corporation has been contributing to the industrial development through continuous expansion of its business area starting from manufacturing equipment of electronic components into the core unit, analyzer for manufacturing process and recently, materials business. Furthermore, we are currently leading the 4th industrial revolution with Smart Factory Solutions based on robotics. Providing the best solutions to customers is our mission and core competitiveness. With our top priority on the customer value maximization, we will not stop our efforts to provide the best solution to customers through market sensing and fast adaptation to the rapidly changing industrial environment and customer needs. We will do our best to enlarge educational opportunities and welfare for our members, so individual member can grow together with company. Based on the member’s passion and commitment towards the common goal for first-class technology and first-class company, we will constantly change, innovate, and challenge without hesitation. With our deep gratification to all who support Dream Corp., we will repay you with our becoming "a good company to work" and "a company that contributes to society" in return for your expectations and supports.
Thank you.

Si-Hee Park, CEO